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Age of Conan Key To Treasure Chest

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Key To Treasure Chest

Item TypeGeneric
Item LimitationsNot Tradable
NameKey To Treasure Chest
Reward from QuestThe Legendary Turach V - Return to Turach
ZoneTortage Beach


<2008-05-22 01:13:48>
Chinaman <Guest>Anyone know what this keys for?

Locked Chest <2008-05-23 04:32:01>
Roger <Guest>Its a locked chest near the mausoleum on white sands islands, pretty crappy random reward.. might be worth it for you.. Maybe there are loads of locked chests and its like a 1-use skeleton key, idk.

<2008-05-23 10:14:19>
Teao <Guest>The quest said it is to a chest of booty in the mauseleum on white sand isle

Chest <2008-05-27 13:49:53>
Holandia <Guest>I had the key to the chest but when I picked it up, nothing happened. If it did, it was already an item I had and it just stacked on top of it. :(

Key to chest <2008-06-27 23:45:33>
Tania <Guest>I found the chest just outside the Mausoleum (White Sands Isle) at the following grid: 557, 493 Its in the doorway of a hut.

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